Murder in the Schoolhouse

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Steve Klapouschak Goes to Dalton
Chapter 2 - Robert Bruce Ducsharm Appears in Dalton
Chapter 3 - Steve Klapouschak Goes Mising
Chapter 4 - The Body is Found and Bob Ducsharm is Picked Up by the Police
Chapter 5 - The Police Begin to Interview Witnesses
Chapter 6 - John Naegel is Killed in a Mine Accident at Renabie
Chapter 7 - An Inquest, Preliminary Hearing and Preparation for Trial
Chapter 8 - Trial Number One
Chapter 9 - The Appeal and the Strange Matter of One David Wemp
Chapter 10 - Trial Number Two
Chapter 11 - The Steven Truscott Parallel
Conclusion / Afterward
Appendices I, II, III, and IV